11. Which of the following questions do you not need to ask in order to help determine the suitability of a source? 53'!/'/\&"3 A pég w?f?/(f 7 A. "Why was the source created?" B. "What are the source's bibliographic citations?" == /fi &g . R C. "How long ago was the source created?" D. "How many images are included in this source?" 12. As long as you have a library card, you can access 46 4 /7/¢~€7 A.The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, London Times, LA Times, and The Chicago Tribune and view and print full text articles from each of them. B.public libraries, college libraries, and local libraries. @)ine databases, place holds on materials, provide the library with purchasing suggestions for future materials. and request ources via interlibrary loan.
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