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BUS1 121A
Nov 19, 2023
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MEETING AGREEMENT FS Pickup Spots Ltd should consider working with an expert for identifying any gaps and updating the policies on monthly basis. Incase of any concern the company should inform the expert immediately for advise or taking the appropriate action. The company will adapt this policies for running and they will be reviewed in different phases as the company continues to operate. 1. What is the mission of the company? 2. Who will be responsible for branding company packaging materials to be used by vendors? 3. What is your approximated delivery time as a company? 4. How long will the order take if unpicked to be cancelled by the company? 5. What is your proposed payment rate for delivery agents? 6. Which regions will the company cover within the country and outside? 7. Will the company have Furushi pickup spots in each region? 8. What will you consider when calculating the shipping fees? 9. The time the order is expected to take to be processed? 10. Does the website have the option for home delivery and Furushi pickup spots? 11. Do you consider having a risk management policy as a company? 12. What happens to the vendors when they delay an order? 13. Who will be in charge of costs for delivering goods to Furushi Pickup Spots? 14. Does the company propose refunds for unsuccessful deliveries?
15. Does the company have a store of products of its own? 16. Will the company work with promotion agencies under binding agreement? 17. Whom do you propose to contact the delivery agent, is it the company, vendor or there is a way of selecting them? 18. Which products will the company deliver and the ones that the company will not deliver? 19. In case of damage will the products be returned to the vendor for refunds?
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