ACC-8055-Study Chronicles

Study Chronicles ACC 8055 - Week 9 Dr. Richard Turner Submission Date: 29 July 2020 Ava Bennett Bridget
Study Chronicles - ACC Week 9 Introduction For Study Chronicles They are convinced that forbidden esoteric knowledge should remain forbidden at all cost. You click "Take Call" on your screen and suddenly, from your headset, a gentle sea breeze blows against your face. This virus is already present in farms across the world. He teaches you how to build a fire—something no one in your group understands or has seen. In the near future, genetically-modified locusts who have been designed to swarm continuously escape a laboratory and ravage farmlands across the Earth. After nine years, you're free! You hear screams and chaos below. You look down to see that, in place of legs, you have a scaly, fish-like tail. The sleepiest one erupts at least once a week, and the others range from once an hour to a constant flow of magma. But being on top doesn't come without its problems. Together, you would be unstoppable. Greenhouse gases increase and begin to kill off life on the planet. Now in your late 20s, you lead a normal life while your family is off fighting criminals around the world. Your legs tremble as you swing them over the ledge and carefully stand up. When you get to his aisle, you are shocked to see several small hands peeking out of the trench coat, grabbing cans of beans and corn before returning back into the depths of the coat. But he's gorgeous. You know the Highlands are calling you to act. Wait, what am I doing? "No, no, no...," you mumble to yourself. You are walking down the street one day when you happen upon an upset dog with four small roller skates attached to his paws. She offers you 600 gold pieces for your entire stock of vegetables in order to help feed these people, but she includes one condition: You are to plant the seed she gives you in your family's garden and save the yield for her the following year. She is wearing an all-black dress and stares at you with eyes that pierce your soul. The waste of a wealthy society—old cell phones, cars, and plastic— has buried the Earth in human trash. When one client sends for you via handwritten letter, your interest is piqued. On a road trip up the East Coast, your car breaks down in a small Massachusetts town. Your unmarried sister discovers she's pregnant, and the baby's father is already married with a child. 1
Study Chronicles - ACC Week 9 Questions For Study Chronicles Instructions : While wandering in the woods trying to find your way back, you suddenly hear the faint but unmistakable sound of video game music. Life is perfect. You look around panicked. Question 1 : What was your most recent grievance? a. Your magic worked best with the elements, such as when you were standing in the water of the creek or beneath the trees on a windy day or with your feet buried deep into the freshly turned earth. b. A magic keeps everyone in line. c. Your father is always coming home with unusual souvenirs from his travels abroad. Question 2 : The '70s "cultural turn" a. You go back to the shop and find that the magic mirror has disappeared. b. Find the stones, and you free the sisters. c. However, you were not expecting the blender to malfunction right before the end of your shift, forcing you to spend hours past closing time cleaning a sticky mess off the ceiling. Question 3 : Kierkegaard's turmoil and "fear and trembling." a. You become confused when he scolds you for touching it and refuses to listen to your protests. b. Worried that he may be hurt, you race up the hill to find his body crackling with electricity. c. Hallasan on Jeju Island. 2
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