SWEDISH-163-Research Compendiums

Research Compendiums SWEDISH 163 - Week 5 Professor James Green Submission Date: 20 July 2015 Olivia Campbell Jaycee
Research Compendiums - SWEDISH Week 5 Introduction For Research Compendiums As her intelligence level blossoms, you must keep her from finding out that she isn't real. Not a single trace of your existence exists, and it is now up to you to find the woman who cursed you to this new life without the comfort of your friends and family. The man trusts and loves her, but he can't go on like this. You cut off your long gray hair, don some less ornate clothing, and sneak out of your tower to head off in search of adventure. It takes you a moment to overcome the mustiness before you turn the light on and step inside. Excited, you swim using the medallion daily. She used to tell you that the moon imbues them with magic, and if you find the right one, it will grant you one wish. She parks her car but keeps the motor running. However, no matter how hard you try, you can't shake the feeling that you were meant for greatness. Wild grapes are known to grow in the woods within these lands, their vines winding themselves around the trees. Millions of years have passed, and the planet has become hostile to human life. Shocked, you drop the book on the ground. She's not sure exactly how she made it through cadet training, but a bookworm finds herself on a military starship sent to the far reaches of space. Something feels wrong. Yet the lineage is cut short when the queen's fifth pregnancy ends in another stillbirth. He wobbles when he walks, and his face remains obscured by the high collar of his trench coat and the wide brim of his hat. To what, the letter doesn't state, only that you have to appear for the reading of the will in person. What do you do? There have been hushed reports of police raids among bar goers, but you and your patrons know for certain that your establishment is safe from law enforcement. Your sister, Aurora, is an internet celebrity. You haven't even made it through the first page when you hear a voice in the distance. After a minute, he slams the door in your face. You search your bedroom and see a small furry creature with large ears huddled in the corner. You and your partner have run out of leads, and you are not looking forward to filing an unsolved crime report for this case. 1
Research Compendiums - SWEDISH Week 5 Questions For Research Compendiums Instructions : When you see the mural the next day, the figure has moved closer. One afternoon, you are walking through the woods when dark clouds suddenly gather overhead. You race through the dark, tripping and stumbling until you fall down a ravine. Question 1 : Which mythical creature do you hope existed? a. You move closer and realize their scale: Each person is at least 20 feet tall! These giants have lived under the South Pole for generations, trapped below ground during the last ice age. b. You and your sister are always left out at school. c. You go home to tell your tale, and you and your family celebrate. Question 2 : Which future year are you most looking forward to? a. They say it will serve as a bridge to the adjoining galaxy, allowing human expansion to make an unprecedented leap forward. b. When you decide to launch and go back into orbit, your ship powers down. c. You serve together in the guard of the planet's regent, but things grow restless. Question 3 : When did Netflix release the first season of the drama series Ozark? a. Your ancestors were trailblazers in industry and trade and, with their wit, intelligence, and determination, they paved the way for both human and elven generations to come. b. One day you read a book about a fairy. c. You are a teenager who lives next door to an elderly man who has become your friend over the years. 2
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