ACC-2696-Academic Musings

Academic Musings ACC 2696 - Week 12 Professor Laura Allen Submission Date: 4 July 2012 Charlotte Reed Zhuri
Academic Musings - ACC Week 12 Introduction For Academic Musings However, you are hesitant and instead spend much of your time in your cave hiding from others—until, that is, the invention of pizza. You wave your hands, and in an instant the horns disappear. It becomes the highlight of your day. The next morning, you go into your brother's room to find that he has been trapped inside a mirror himself. Winged abominations with row upon row of teeth, hundreds of eyes, and sprawling limbs descended upon the world with horrible, unearthly war cries. It is up to you to save this mythical creature while keeping its existence a secret. First you draw a map of your current location, pointing to surrounding landmarks visible from the encampment and then pointing to the crude drawing on the ground. You are about to sell your house when you see your wife's reflection in the bathroom mirror. The man calls up from what appears to be an old well. He toots on a strange looking trumpet, and you are transformed into a mouse who must fulfill your destiny as ruler of the mouse kingdom—but all you want is to be home in time for dinner! When a young woman at one of the parties your parents dragged you to approaches you offering just that, you are inclined to listen. You want your android to attend university as the very first A.I. Violent crime is at all-time high levels. There's something at the very center, something your scanners cannot define. Modern technology is wiped out. You'd be burned at the stake if your fellow villagers knew you had it. You are left to find your crew in the middle of a living nightmare, hoping this is a mere natural phenomenon and not some sinister alien technology turned upon you. Fearful, you try to scramble away, but a hand reaches out of the water, dragging you in. The shadowy figure soon disappears due to the small lifeforce that the mouse provided, but that is all Genghis Khan needs to see. Growing up, there was a knock on the door every year at midnight on your birthday. Suddenly all eyes are on you, and people begin bowing before you, hailing you as their new king. One day you walk in and find that it has taken on the form of your recently deceased wife. Something is approaching behind you. She must be slayed before she harms others. 1
Academic Musings - ACC Week 12 Questions For Academic Musings Instructions : Now that you are ten years old, you don't believe in such silly stories or your annoying mom —until you catch the right firefly and accidentally wish your mom away. You serve together in the guard of the planet's regent, but things grow restless. She's not only stunning, but she's also brilliant. Question 1 : What is something you really want to try again? a. A clumsy moment in the mess hall gets the captain's attention, and he orders you to take this new crew member under your wing and to build up her self-confidence. b. You are unable to tell which of his stories from his seafaring days are truth anymore, as he's told you too many to count. c. With little choice but to trust this strange old man, you set sail across the vast and perilous ocean. Question 2 : A comparison of Plato's and Aristotle's views on knowledge. a. However, you know better. b. Inside is another princess, although she is much younger than you. c. Although you and your sister have tried to hang out with your peers at recess, they mostly ignore you. Question 3 : What did Hesiod's theogony and cosmogony entail? a. The king has invited every young lady to attend a ball being held at the castle tonight. b. They appear for a second or two, too blurry to discern any distinct features. c. Excluded from the jobs that have defined them for generations, most men take refuge in virtual reality, playing violent games for hours on end and subsisting on the universal basic income. 2
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