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Nov 15, 2023
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Learning Archives CZECH 112 - Week 13 Professor Cynthia Green Submission Date: 3 February 2014 Michael Murphy Harleigh
Learning Archives - CZECH Week 13 Introduction For Learning Archives When you do, the rusty old sword comes loose from the rock with ease. However, today they ask you to play hide and seek with them. Nothing like this has ever happened before, and everyone is worried as they argue over what happens next. Before you know it, he is chanting, bringing the frogs back from the dead one by one, sending the classroom into chaos. After waking up from cryosleep, you discover that your exploration vessel has suffered major damage from an asteroid belt collision while on autopilot. Your family is part of a group of people who will be sent to create a colony on the moon. You don't want anyone to know what you can do. Upon entering the woods, you find yourself in pitch blackness. In this door's world, you are a successful businesswoman in New York City with a penthouse apartment. You've spent your entire adult life traveling through space to find a way to become immortal - and, surprisingly, you find it on a lesser-known planet on the other side of the galaxy. You send the data back to the Capital, but it will take two months for the message to travel to Earth and the response to get back to you (humans have cracked intergalactic travel, but not instantaneous communication). It is quiet work, and you don't see many people on a daily basis, so you often take breaks down at the small dock near the lighthouse's private beach. You knock on the potato farmer's door, introduce yourself, and discuss your business plan. You are part of a team of explorers commissioned to search for life-containing planets in distant solar systems. When you enter the high school gymnasium, all eyes are on you. One night, a rather tall man walks in. However, today they ask you to play hide and seek with them. Once a hero amongst your people, you are now relegated to live the rest of your days as an exile. You soon learn that each item is magical and that you were chosen to use the items to help four people in need. Eventually she mentions that all she needs is one last jigsaw piece contained within a soul that only a soul harvester can possess. You leave anyway, only to run face first into a handsome renegade angel, with a sword in hand and death in his eyes. You have no idea what they're talking about, but before you can object, they proceed to make themselves at home. You are part of a group of human survivors trying to find a way to leave the planet before it dies. These Oxford scholars understand nothing about the steam-powered flying contraption you've created, which you plan on using to explore uncharted lands across the ocean. 1
Learning Archives - CZECH Week 13 Questions For Learning Archives Instructions : Quick, grab the legs and let's throw him down the trash chute." Pulling it down, you find a sticky note on the lid with the number 33 written on it. His experiments with necromancy ran afoul of all that was natural and holy. Question 1 : What does it mean to be in love with someone? a. As a lonely and awkward teenage genius, you design a robot with artificial intelligence to serve as your best friend. b. These men will bring sickness and destruction to your land. c. All you do know is that you must stop at nothing to prevent these invaders from stepping foot on your soil. Question 2 : Should we seek immortality? a. You know you cannot go home because your parents will be notified of what you have done. b. Everyone has an angle, whether they want one or not. c. You two will be the characters in her new game, and the longer you play, the closer you are to being trapped forever. Question 3 : Who was the Soviet Union's last leader? a. When he makes contact, you are immediately suspicious. b. Worried, you seek out your patrons one by one and discover that most of them have disappeared. c. Your concerns grow when he asks you to smuggle an unmarked strongbox out of Federation territory and leave it on a disputed planet. 2
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