DUTCH-6109-Scholarly Volumes

Scholarly Volumes DUTCH 6109 - Week 5 Professor Dennis Davis Submission Date: 4 August 2022 Ava Hall Selene
Scholarly Volumes - DUTCH Week 5 Introduction For Scholarly Volumes Furthermore, the androids assist with companionship by caring for pets, arranging outings, and providing favorite songs, books, and photos. You stop to look around and see the same thing happening to everyone around you. When you sit up, you come face to face with the cutest boy you have ever seen. Jerk. It is one you've never heard of before. He's tired of being walked all over, so instead has possessed you. Soon thereafter, you are captured and brought to the court of the Desert Magus, an ancient warlock with immeasurable power who reveals that he has been the one reshaping the West to his will— and he intends to continue. After testing the atmosphere and determining it to be safe, you're sent with a group of divers to explore. After several elves are murdered, the police bring you in to investigate who is behind these gruesome acts. She met her current boyfriend through it and, according to her, he's perfect. You begrudgingly take it to your suburban home and, despite your displeasure, realize it really isn't too bad of a house guest. The Nix nudges the small sleeping horse, pointing out lesions on its leg. Yet as soon as you step foot into the building, you sense that something is wrong. Rumors are spreading that these scavengers have banded together under a ruthless leader who will do anything to take your land for themselves. The man was fidgety and kept avoiding eye contact with you, your parents, and the entire vet staff. You are a bartender in a speakeasy in the 1920s, hidden within the basement of the city library. You've waited for decades for your prince to come, but to no avail. You keep following the sound of crying until you stumble upon a young man sitting at the base of an especially tall tree. It isn't supposed to happen anymore. You are a private eye in the heart of the city who is often tasked with scoping out adulterers, people who skip out on their girlfriends, or shady business deals. The only one left is an old woman who explains to you that the will-o'-the-wisps who reside in the town sewer promised them immortality, but at the expense of something precious—in this case, books. Before you can reply, your mother's scream rips through the night. Eventually you opened your own private detective agency in Hawaii and named it after your former moniker: Astraea Investigative Services. The majestic tune invades your senses as your eyes shut. 1
Scholarly Volumes - DUTCH Week 5 Questions For Scholarly Volumes Instructions : "Not at all. They always forget you, and you them. While herding sheep, you find an old dagger. Question 1 : Your friend got you a jumper that they knitted themselves for your birthday. You find it repulsive. Do you inform them? a. You've spent your entire adult life traveling through space to find a way to become immortal - and, surprisingly, you find it on a lesser-known planet on the other side of the galaxy. b. Instead, his voice grows louder as the clouds spiral ahead of you like a horizontal tornado that's growing wider and wider. c. Enraged, he gave the old woman and her many children three days to vacate the shoe. Question 2 : What does the abbreviation LASER mean? a. Suddenly the door opens again, letting in a gust of wind and rain. b. Inside is another princess, although she is much younger than you. c. It is just how things work around here. Question 3 : What is the finest thing you could possibly anticipate to find in a cave? a. You never thought of yourself as a kidnapper, let alone someone who would alter the genetic makeup of your victims, but you will do anything to make your dream come true. b. The walls are covered with newspaper clippings detailing disasters that were averted over the years, and he tells you that, as a young man, he had a very exciting life. c. It's also stressful, burdensome, and depressing, yet you genuinely care about the couples and they respond to you. 2
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