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Study Summaries ACC 2615 - Week 7 Professor Katherine Clark Submission Date: 8 June 2016 Sophia Parker Bailee
Study Summaries - ACC Week 7 Introduction For Study Summaries But little could be further from the truth. At first, you can only stare. Your grandmother from Greece is a hoarder. When you enter, you are surprised to see Genghis Khan himself waiting for you, along with a bevy of advisors. You encounter a famous space explorer who takes you on a tour of the galaxy. An alien group abducts a group of Earthlings for the purposes of experimentation. As you explore the stone wall, you discover a strange silver locket nestled between the rocks. Wiping away the dust, you find your name. There is no chance of her changing back. Now nearly extinct, these last few remaining creatures have gathered off the coast of your hometown. They seem to think you are some kind of god, and they claim they have been awaiting your coming for thousands of years. He reaches out to help you, offering his apologies. Unfortunately, you hate reading. You have to navigate the city—now in a state of heightened crime and danger due to her disappearance —and figure out what happened to her, all while coping with the confusion that comes with the development of your own emerging powers. You even helped your master defend the village when the undead invaded your province. Years go by, and teeth are lost. Now is your chance to end this once and for all. And now? You work at a greasy fast-food joint in the busiest part of the city. You have no idea what they're talking about, but before you can object, they proceed to make themselves at home. Not a single trace of your existence exists, and it is now up to you to find the woman who cursed you to this new life without the comfort of your friends and family. One day while swimming, you discover an underwater tunnel beneath the dock. Under the flicker of torchlight within your clan's cave, you paint the history of the great battle beneath this cycle's moon. However, you are entirely unaware of the creatures you will find beneath the water's surface. You have no idea what sorts of animals she trains until you sneak out of the hotel room to follow her. 1
Study Summaries - ACC Week 7 Questions For Study Summaries Instructions : You are in charge of a government program to increase the national population through any means necessary. They tell you that they need your help, so you do your best to keep them safe. Elves have lived in the cities for generations, suppressing their magical abilities and cutting the tips of their ears off in order to integrate into human society. Question 1 : What was the name of the vessel that informed Britain of the Trafalgar Battle? a. However, today they ask you to play hide and seek with them. b. One day, while you are fighting a hero during a great battle, the hero's mace strikes a might blow against your armor and your helmet flies off. c. She used to tell you that the moon imbues them with magic, and if you find the right one, it will grant you one wish. Question 2 : Who was in charge of the first land voyage to the Pacific Coast? William Clark and Meriwether Lewis. a. Home is not some faraway planet. b. At first, you can only stare. c. Then one day you receive a letter in the mail, the words spelled out with letters cut out from magazines. Question 3 : What do a lot of people have strong feelings about while knowing very little about it? a. If there's one thing you hate about your culture, it's the arranged marriages. b. Someone in the crowd calls the police as you hurry to her side. c. It's a power you've kept secret your entire life and one that has aided you greatly in accruing massive amounts of wealth. 2
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