BTW 250 Unit 1 Onboarding Process

Yavuz Cengiz Dr. Michael Shetina BTW 250 August 31st 2023 Literacy Narrative Rough Draft If you ask me today I will say I want to be a forensic accountant and I'm studying accounting at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. Looking back though, the first time I truly wanted a career in anything was in 5th grade. My english teacher would have a journal writing assignment and when it comes to topics that require different opinions I really enjoyed the building of an argument then arguing with my classmates right after. Because of that my teacher mentioned how well I am arguing and how much I enjoyed it. He said you should be a lawyer. It seemed like a logical choice at the time. However, at that point college still seemed a century away, much less an actual career so I never thought of anything else for a career until my senior year in high school where I started researching a career as a lawyer. It wasn't until my senior year of high school that I started questioning my commitment to an actual legal career. My actual passion was solving the original puzzle. I really didn't appreciate the idea of presenting the initial arguments. Although lawyers do solve cases or puzzles, it wasn't exactly the kind of puzzle-solving I was looking for. I thought about it in this sense a different entity like the police would solve the border of the puzzle while the lawyers would solve everything else in between. It is a lot more time consuming, but I think I would enjoy the border solving of the puzzle that is where my true passion was. This realization made me explore career paths that revolved around solving the border of the
puzzle. The more I looked into this the more fields I would find. I know I really wanted to solve some type of criminal activity, and that this could be any type of crime as long as I'm solving something from the beginning I would love and enjoy that. The one field I found the most appealing was at the FBI. This is where my interest in forensic accounting at the FBI started, and how I came to where I am today. The fields that the FBI hired from are very few and it was mainly only STEM, or accounting. I personally don't enjoy any part of STEM and would hate a career in that so I looked into accounting. As I looked into accounting I came across the field of forensic accounting. Their job of piecing together the puzzle in different ways by looking into documents and finding fraud, or charges that didn't exist, or maybe even charging too much for a simple service is what forensic accounting could do and I loved the sound of that it was exactly what I was looking for. The more research I did the more I realized my interest and passion into something like this. It fits with what I want to do and it's a career choice that I would love to be in. Now it's my senior year and its college application time and that is what led me to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). I chose UIUC primarily because of its amazing accounting program, always ranking among the top three multiple times number one for the past fifty years. It was an education that would give me a great step into the right direction of my end goal. The education I received at UIUC allowed me to explore the accounting field and since 5th grade until now I have developed skills into that area that will help the transition in the accounting field. I have gotten a education obviously getting a background in the accounting education at UIUC is one thing that I have picked up so far that would be one of the biggest assets I have so far. Another skill I have learned throughout the years is communication, teamwork, and collaboration although, all of them are different they all have similar aspects that I have picked up on such as communication with the right language for separate people, or for teamwork giving a team a job that they would be more focussed to that would help the team. I have learned so many more skills throughout the years such as leadership, Microsoft softwares, other
softwares, and a lot of other skills that will help my professional career. Currently I am a junior and I learn more about the FBI and forensic accounting and what I want to do. My career goal became clear: I want to be a forensic accountant in 5-10 years after graduation. I don't mind where I work it could be the FBI or a accounting firm, my aim was to have a career in forensic accounting In conclusion, at first I wanted to be a lawyer. Now I know I want to be a forensic accountant. I now know that it's necessary to match up your passions with your career. Forensic accounting combines my love for solving puzzles, and currently my love of accounting all into one field where I can enjoy doing what I love. This thinking process was not only for my career, but also to learn about who I really am, which is the most important thing to learn about who I truly am. Hello Olivia Ponn,
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