Achieving Academic Success

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Running head: ACHIEVING ACADEMIC SUCCESS 1 Achieving Academic Success Taylor, Eboni GEN201 August 10, 2015 Mike Humphrey
ACHIEVING ACADEMIC SUCCESS 2 Abstract It is a great idea to want to pursue academic success, because it will allow you to take better care of your family financially. In this paper I will give you some strategies that I learned throughout this course, that are designed to help you achieve the academic success that one would wish for. Some of the different topics to be covered are critical thinking; that teaches you how to assess different situations and be able to solve the problems effectively. Career path chart; this helps you to see what your career field is like in the areas of hiring demand, salary range, educational requirements, etc. Hang on because I'm sure you will find this interesting.
ACHIEVING ACADEMIC SUCCESS 3 Achieving Academic Success By taking control of and responsibility for your education, you can go far. I will further explain how I plan on taking this journey and how the information that I have learned can be attributed to my academic success. Personally, I believe in that one should start by setting goals in order to become successful, because having goals in place is like a road map to your success. My academic goals are going to lead me to success in my career and finances. My first academic goal will be to obtain a Bachelor's Degree in Human Services, and continue on to a Master's Degree in Counseling/Critical Mental Health Counseling. These two degrees will eventually lead to a career as a Mental Health/Child and Family Counselor. A career as a Mental Health/Child and Family Counselor requires a lot of communication, verbal and written. This course has introduced several tools that will not only help in my success as a student, but also as a counselor, especially the writing process. The writing process is probably going to be one of the most useful tools for my career, because there are reports and notes that will have to be written for patients and although it isn't the same format, I'm sure the process can still apply. Let's talk a little more about the tools and exercises that were introduced to us during this course and how they are designed to help us as students and professionals. One of the exercises that will help me in my career, considering that I want to run my own practice, would be the Ethical Lens Inventory. This exercise showcased how important ethics are to students and business professionals. When I did the ELI survey, my results came back as, the Results lens. The Results lens is based on people who focus on a person's rights, and they often depend on their emotions to figure out the proper way to handle things. In an article written in the BizEd
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