Note Jan 29, 2023

Ksenijastokuca HW 7 1 5 4 g te s v g ft 450 4 g t 1 9.8 9 58 2 91.84 V 93 88ft s t g 58 s 2 F Is stiff 4.94 1,2 4.911 4 91121 4 gg 10.29ftlsy 5 4ot 16t2sl V 40 32t EI 3 The ball is travelling fastest it to which is boottis
4 The meaning of f s is the rate of growth of the bacteria per hour Approximately s hours after the start of the experiment the bacteria are growing at the rate of f s bacteria per hour The units are bacteria hour 5 The rate of growth will be higher after to hours than after s be it is proportional to number of bacteria present meaning the more bacteria the higher the rate of growth However if supply of nutrients is unlimited the rote could still be higher at co than at s but it could also be lower It is not possible to predict this If nutrients were limited as they become scarce it would make the rate of growth slow 6 f t should be greater than T
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