Individual Alcohol and Drug Use Assessment (1) (3)

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Oct 19, 2023
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KINE 120 Alcohol and Drug Use Assessment Please go to: . This website provides a virtual bar where the user can estimate BAC and physiological effects of alcohol consumption. Step One : Enter the following information: Gender: Female Weight: 135 pounds Height: 5'5" Age: 21 Drink: Light Beer, 15 minutes This will be Person A. Step Two: Click on Add a Friend Choose the friend's gender, weight, height, and age. Type or write those below. Gender: ________ Weight: _______ Height: ____ Age: ___ This will be Person B. Step Three: What is each person's BAC after the light beer? Add at least 3 additional drinks. List the drinks and times here: What was each person's peak BAC? According to the BAC graphic in Skyepack Module 12 ("As BAC Increases, So Does Impairment"), what impairments did each person experience at his/her peak BAC? Person A - Person B -
What is Person A's time to 0.000 BAC? What factors cause Person A and B to have different blood alcohol concentrations after drinking the same drinks in this assignment? According to the infographic about excessive drinking in Skyepack Module 12 (Alcohol section), did either of these individuals engage in excessive drinking? Step Five: Dr. Nora Volkow is the director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse. She has a professional blog at: . Scroll through the blog to get an overview of the wide variety of topics covered. Choose ONE article that is interesting to you and that also connects with something else you've learned in this class. Title of article you chose: How does this connect with something else you've learned about in this class? Summarize what you learned from the article and how this connects with something you learned in this class and/or your current life. You may compose this summary in any of the below formats - be as simple or creative as you would like to be. Summary options: Write approximately 150 words Compose a 45-60 second voice recording or video Create an infographic Insert the summary in the format of your choice below or submit it separately to eCampus.
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