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Required information Revenue Employee salaries and wages Travel expenses Other expenses [The following information applies to the questions displayed below.] Adger Corporation is a service company that measures its output based on the number of customers served. The company provided the following fixed and variable cost estimates that it uses for budgeting purposes and the actual results for May as shown below: Fixed Actual Element Variable Element Total per Month per Customer Served for May $ 6,000 $ 190,000 $ 67,000 $ 1,400 $ 114,100 $ 59@ $ 17,100 $ 46,000 $ 43,400 When preparing its planning budget the company estimated that it would serve 30 customers per month; however, during May the company actually served 35 customers. 10. What amount of revenue would be included in Adger's planning budget for May? ount of revenue included in the planning dget ]$ 180,000 &
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