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Oct 17, 2023
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RESET ALL ~ SK_ACCOUNTING T1 Personal Tax Return 2022 250 Consumers Rd, Suite 1015G To help you assemble your financial information for the preparation Toronto. ON M2J 4V6 of your personal income tax return, please keep this checklist handy. ; - tel.: 647-885-2838 The .checklllst. should .be completed and returned to us together with fax : 647-779-0789 the financial information assembled. [email protected] Personal Information Spouse Informa Name: LANCE FONSECA Name of Spouse: SIN Number: SIN Number: Date of Birth: _10 / 01 / 1999 (MM/DD/YY) Date of Birth: / / (MM/DD/YY) Home Phone #: Home Phone #: Cell Phone #: __ 9057819964 Cell Phone #: E-mail: __Lancevfli@gmailcom E-mail: Address: 1008, 15 Eva Rd, Etobicoke Address: City: Toronto City: Province/State: ___Ontario Postal Code:__ M9CAW3 Province/State: Postal Code: Country: Canada Country: Did you: O Emigrate from Canada (O Immigrate to Canada Q) N/A Did you: O Emigrate from Canada (O Immigrate to Canada QO N/A Emigration date: Immigration date: Emigration date: Immigration date: ) 08/ 23/ 2022 ) I MM DD YY MM DD YY MM DD YY MM DD YY Marital Status: OS\ln/gIe O Married QO Common-Law Q Separated Q Divorced O Widowed Did your marital status change from last year's tax return? QO Yes Date status changed: O\ly i I MM DD YY Are we preparing a tax return for your spouse? QO Yes O No (\D)IIA If we are NOT preparing a tax return for your spouse, please provide: Income figure from Line 236 on page 3 $. Please list all dependants below: Name Relationship Birthday (MM/DD/YY) SIN # Net Income During Year /. / $ /. /. $ /. /. $. /. /. $ /. /. $ Do you, your spouse or any of your dependants qualify for the Disability Tax Credit? QO Yes O\)(o If yes, please indicate whom: Did you stay in a hotel in ON in 2022? Rent paid $__2317 or Property tax paid $ 'Name of the hotel, date, $ amount paid. Pg. 10f5 www.skaccounting.ca
Other Important Matters Are you a Canadian citizen? Do you authorize the CRA to provide information about you to Elections Canada? Do you own/hold foreign property with a total cost of more than $100,000 (CAD)? Have you made installment payments for the tax year? If yes, how much?: $, Yes \Ho O 8 Yb{ o) No o Yes o W o Yes o N Transit # Inst. # Account # Do you want your tax refund deposited directly to your bank account? O \Vté (please provide a void cheque or direct deposit) QO Direct deposit requested last year ONo How do you want your tax return delivered once it has been completed by us? (Please check all that apply) Electronic copy sent to your email ] Hold for pick-up Source of Income If you have any of the following sources of income, please check all those that apply. Please send fax slips to us in all cases. Source: Slips to attach: |:| Employment income ............................ \74 |:| Commission income ............. cccccccceeene T4 or T4A |:| Profit sharing income ... .. TAPS T4A .. T4(0AS) [[J raxable disability income |:| Old Age Security |:| Canada Pension Plan ... D Other pensions/annuities .. |:| Employment insurance benefits |:| Dividend inCOME ........... ccocensmmeseaniennnas T3orT5 [ interest income |:| Limited partnership income |:| RRSP iNCOMe ......... coooiviiiiniis [[]RRSP withdrawals I:l RRIF income - |:| Scholarships & bursaries ...................... |:| Worker's compensation benefits . D Social assistance payments .... |:| Self-employed income ............... ccccoeuc. Summarize on page 3 |:] Rental income |:] Sale of investments (T5008) D Sale of real estate .......... c.cccoveiciriniaes Summarize on page 4 |:| Spousal support received . |:| Child support D Tips: & gratuitios::.«.cuwsmamnummamis $ |:| Other: |:| Other: |:| Other: |:| Other: |:| Other: . Summarize on page 4 . Summarize on page 4 Pg.20f5 [:l Mailed to your home address [ other (please specify): |:| Courier to your home address LY T L EET T R EVE o [y SAVET EYL IS If you have any of the following deductions and tax credits, please check all those that apply. Please include receipts or supporting documents in all cases. Deductions and Tax Credits: ] RRsP contributions ] RRSP contributions - Spouse |:| Union dues & professional fees [ child care expenses [ Moving expenses |:| Interest paid on investment loans D Investment counseling fees |:| Interest paid on student loans [] Tuition fees - Self 220/ |:| Tuition fees - Spouse/Children D Charitable donations |:| Political party contributions - Federal/Political |:| First-time home buyer's amount |:| Home Buyer's Plan withdrawals/payments D Lifelong Learning Plan withdrawals/payments [[] Employment expenses |:| Spousal support payment . [] Medical expenses other: . Cother: . |:| Other: ... Summarize on page 3 www.skaccounting.ca
If you need to clarify any of your income and/or deductions OR have any other income and/or deductions that are not listed on the previous page that you need to explain, please write them in the box below. Please attach supporting receipts. Employment Expenses Please provide us with a signed T2200 - Declaration of Conditions of Employment from your employer. Travel .3 Parking . Supplies (stationary, other) .................... $ Telephone Salaries paid to an assistant . Office rent Vehicle eXpenses ........... ccccoceeeiicnnnns Summarize on this page Home office expenses ............ cccocevvcenee Summarize on this page The following expenses apply to commission employees only: Accounting &legal ... $ Advertising & promotion . Meals & entertainment ... Rental of office equipment .................... $ THAINING ccuvesisissamasommimisisissssemns $ Vehicle Expenses Year, make & model: Purchase/sale price: $ Date of purchase (MM/DD/YY): I /) OR Date lease began (MM/DD/YY): / / Kilometres (km) driven for business purposes in the year: km Total kilometres (km) driven in the year: km Expenses (Annual Amount): Elelsmmmmmmnnrmnmmmenmamees $. Repairs & maintenance ......................... $ INSUraNCe ......... cccooviveiiiiciccccce Licensing & registration fees Loan interest .. Lease payments Carwashes «onunnnmmmasnnnasnmras $ Parking (for business purposes only) .... $ Other . Pg.30f 5 Self-Employed Income & Expenses Name of Business: Type of Business: Name of Partner: % owned: % SIN # of Partner: Business Number: (if applicable) Access Code #: (For HST/GST Return) Are we preparing your GST/HST Retun? (O Yes ONo (If yes, please attach copy of previous year's return) Do the following amounts below include GST/HST? O Yes ONo REVENUE ....... ooiiiiiiiiiceee $. Expenses: HST on sales collected .......................... $ Meals & entertainment Insurance .. Interest & bank charges $ Licenses, dues, memberships & subscriptions $ Office expenses ..o $ Supplies Legal, accounting & other professional fees .. $. Telephone . Vehicle expenses ............ ccoceennseiveninae Summarize on this page Home Office (For Self-Employed & Employment Expenses) Total % of home used for business/employment: % Total square feet of home: sqft Repairs & maintenance .................. cc ...... $. INSUFANCE .soovasissssssnssissssumsasiesssssasisssosussn Property taxes Rent . . Mortgage interest (self-employed only) ... $ www.skaccounting.ca
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