ACCT 200Final Project Task 1Basic Facts-1

ACCT 200 Final Project - Task #1 HCBP BASIC FACTS 1) Create a team of up to three classmates and self-assign yourself to a group and a company in Canvas ("People", "Final Project"): Group # Group Members: . Company selected:. 2) Answer the following questions: (10 points) a. What is the exact name of the company? - Kraft Heinz b. What is the company's year-end? - December 31 c. Where are the company's principal executive offices/headquarters? - Pittsburgh, Philadelphia - Chicago, Illinois d. What is the trading symbol of the company? - KHC e. On what US stock exchange is the company listed? - NASDAQ f. Provide the company's website: - g. Provide the name of the company's CEO and CFO; - Miguel Patricio (CEO) - Andre Maciel (CFO) h. What is the currency used for financial reporting? - United States Dollar i. Does the company present its financial statements in billions, millions or thousands? -in millions
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