Exerclse 17-21 Relatlve-Sales-Value Method; Joint Cost Allocation (LO 17-4) Breakfasime Cereal Company manufactures two breakfast cereals i a joint process. Cost and quantiy information is as follows: Quantity st Sales price Jolnt Cost Cersal Split.OFf point per Kilogram Sol00 vemies 12,100 kilograns s6.10 Crumies 100 kilograns 7ie0 Requires Use the refative-sales-value metnod 1o allocste Sreakasitime Ceresl Company's ot production cost between Yumries and Crummies. (Round Intermediate calculations of Relative Proportions o 3 decimal places and final answers to the nearest dollar ummes Crummes = Explanation Joint quantity st Ssles Salesvaleat Relative Allocation of Joint Cost Products SLit-OFf Price SPLItOFF Point Proportion Joint Cost vummies 200k 3510 s 7,510 o.5050 349,595 s91,000 Crumies sk 7.6 B o.55% 41,2057 Total 31,57 o100 "Rounded 7549595 2521000 < 0545 ~$41405= §91000 < 0455
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