B Account Type Original Cost Bank TD Operating Account Bank TD Savings Bank Accounts Receivable (A/R) Accounts receivable (A/R) Inventory Asset Current assets Prepaid expenses Current assets Uncategorized Asset Current assets Undeposited Funds Current assets Flower Fridgers Property, plant and equipment Renovations Property, plant and equipment Renovations:Depreciation Property, plant and equipment Renovations:Original cost Property, plant and equipment TD Reno Loan Long-term Assets TD VISA Credit Card GST/HST Payable Other Current Liabilities GST/HST Suspense Other Current Liabilities Opening Balance Equity Equity Owner's Equity Equity Retained Earnings Equity Billable Expense Income Income Discounts given Income Everyday Flower and Workshops Income Everyday Flowers and Workshops Income Sales Income Sales of Product Income Income Services Income Shipping and Delivery Income Income Special Occasions Income Uncategorized Income Income Cost of Goods Sold Cost of Goods Sold Cost of Labour - COS Cost of Goods Sold Flower Purchases and Supplies Cost of Goods Sold Freight and delivery - COS Cost of Goods Sold Purchases - COS Cost of Goods Sold Supplies and materials - COS Cost of Goods Sold Bad debts Expenses Bank charges Expenses Commissions and fees Expenses Disposal Fees Expenses Dues and Subscriptions Expenses
Insurance Expenses Insurance - Liability Expenses Interest expense Expenses Legal and professional fees Expenses Marketing Expenses Marketing:Website Expenses Meals and entertainment Expenses Office expenses Expenses Other general and administrative expenses Expenses Promotional Expenses Rent or lease payments Expenses Repair and maintenance Expenses Shipping and delivery expense Expenses Shop Supplies Expenses Stationery and printing Expenses Subcontractors Expenses Supplies Expenses Taxes and Licenses Expenses Tools Expenses Travel Expenses Travel meals Expenses Uncategorized Expense Expenses Utilities Expenses Interest earned Other Income Other Ordinary Income Other Income Other Portfolio Income Other Income Depreciation Other Expense Other Miscellaneous Expense Other Expense Monday, Sep. 18, 2023 08:46:19 p.m. GMT-7
Beautiful Blooms Floral Co. - Z Account List Detail type Cash on hand Chequing Savings Accounts Receivable (A/R) Inventory Prepaid Expenses Other current assets Undeposited Funds Machinery and equipment Leasehold Improvements Accumulated Depreciation Leasehold Improvements Accumulated Amortization of Other Assets Credit Card GST/HST Payable GST/HST Suspense Opening Balance Equity Owner's Equity Retained Earnings Service/Fee Income Discounts/Refunds Given Service/Fee Income Discounts/Refunds Given Sales of Product Income Sales of Product Income Service/Fee Income Other Primary Income Discounts/Refunds Given Service/Fee Income Supplies and materials - COS Cost of Labour - COS Cost of Goods Sold Shipping, Freight and Delivery - COS Other costs of service - COS Supplies and materials - COS Bad debts Bank charges Other Miscellaneous Service Cost Other Miscellaneous Service Cost Office/General Administrative Expenses
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