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TAX II 123
Oct 18, 2023
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Beverly Blanchard o Divorced since 2017 e Beverly's twins, Chris and Christina, lived with her all year. She provides all their support. e She brought her 2020 tax return to show you she took a $21,000 distribution from her IRA in 2020 due to COVID. She chose to do a 3 year split on the full amount. o She also brought her 2019 in with her and it shows her 2019 Earned Income was $18,030. She isn't sure why they told her to bring it, but she did. e Beverly's sister, Corrine Clark and Corrine's boyfriend, Dennis Dunbar, were evicted from their apartment in April of 2021 and moved in with Beverly. Each had less than $4,000 of income in 2021, and Beverly provided all of their support. Beverly would like to know if she can claim them as dependents. And how would they benefit her if she did? e Beverly received $4,200 in stimulus payments for herself, Chris, and Christina. ® She chose not to receive any advanced child tax credits. ® She does not have heaith insurance through Marketplace. o Ifshe is due a refund, she would just like a check mailed. As of 12/21/2021 Form 8915-F for entering the 1/3 of the retirement payment is not in the system, YET.
Driver's License (Tax Training Only) License No. 20211212191023 Name and Address BEVERLY C. BLANCHARD 1720 CHARLES AVE. EIGHT MILE, AL 36613 Bith Date 12/05/1976 Issue Date 11/15/2021 Expiration Date 12/05/2026 cociall Secuumie) eociall Secumie,] 238-00-3759 247-00-4786 THIS NUMEER HAS EEEN ESTABLISHED FOR THIS NYIBER HAS BEEN ESTARLISHED FOR BEVERLY C. BLANCHARD CHRISTOPHER B. BLANCHARD For Tax Trairing Purposss Only For Yax Tralning Purposes Only coclel Secury, @@@i@lfl @@@@Efi% 247-00-4784 267-00-7463 TrilS NUMBER HAS BEEN ESTABLISHED FOR THIS HUMBER HAS BEEN ESTABLISHED FOR CHRISTINA B, BLANCHARD CORRINE C. CLARK For Tax Treining Purposss Only For Tax Tralning Purposes Orly soctall Becur,) 336-00-6473 THIS NUMBER HAS EEEN ESTABLISHED FOR DENNIS DUNBAR For Tax Training Purposas Only
Form 13614-C (October 2021) Department of the Treasury - Internal Revenue Service Intake/Interview & Quality Review Sheet OMB Number 1545-1964 You will need: = Tax Information such as Forms W-2, 1099, 1098, 1095. « Social security cards or [TIN letters for all persons on your tax return. « Picture ID (such as valid driver's license) for you and your spouse. « Please complete pages 1-4 of this form. « You are responsible for the information on your return. Please provide complete and accurate information. « If you have questions, please ask the IRS-certified volunteer preparer. Volunteers are trained to provide high quality service and uphold the highest ethical standards. To report unethical behavior to the IRS, email us at [email protected] Part [ - Your Personal Information (if you are filing a joint return, enter your names in the same order as last year's return) 1. Your first name ML.L Last name Best contact number Are you a U.S. citizen? Beverly C | Blanchard 994-555-2526 x] Yes [J No 2. Your spouse's first name M.I. Last name Best contact number Is your spouse a U.S. citizen? O Yes O No 3. Mailing address Apt# | City State ZIP code 1720 Charles Avenue Your City YS Your Zip 4. Your Date of Birth 5. Your job title 6. Last year, were you: a. Full-time student [] Yes No 12/05/1976 Pook FeeDna b. Totally and permanently disabled [] Yes [ No c. Legally blind [ Yes No 7. Your spouse's Date of Birth | 8. Your spouse's job tite 9. Last year, was your spouse: a. Full-ime student [ Yes [] No b. Totally and permanently disabled [J] Yes [J No ¢. Legally blind [ Yes [ No 10. Can anyone claim you or your spouse as a dependent? ] Yes No [ Unsure 11. Have you, your spouse, or dependents been a victim of tax related identity theft or been issued an Identity Protection PIN? ] Yes No 12. Provide an email address (optional) (this email address will not be used for contacts from the Internal Revenue Service) Part |l - Marital Status and Household Information 1. As of December 31, 2021, what was your marital status? Never Married Married an Divorced Legally Separated Widowed OO Date of final decree Date of separate maintenance decree Year of spouse's death 01/11/2017 0 Yes [ No (This includes registered domestic partnerships, civil unions, or other formal relationships under state law) a. If Yes, Did you get married in 20217 b. Did you live with your spouse during any part of the last six months 0f 20217 [J Yes [ No 2. List the names below of: - everyone who lived with you last year (other than your spouse) If additional space is needed check here [X] and list on page 3 « anyone you supported but did not five with you last year To be completed by a Cel tified Volunteer Preparer Name (first, last) Do not enter your | Date of Birth Relationship | Number of | US Resident |Single or | Full-time | Totally and |lsthis | Did this' | Didthis | Didthe ./ /|Didthe name or spouse's name below (mm/ddfyy) to you (for jmonths Citizen |of US, Married as |Student |Permanently {persona ' |person:. ' [person. taxpayer(s) .- | taxpayer(s) example: lived in (ves/no) {Canada, |of 12/31/27 {last year |Disabled qualifying provide |have less ' |provide more | pay more than . son, your home or Mexico | (S/M) (ves/na) |(yes/no} child/relative [more than' |than $4,300 | than 50% of [ half the cost of. daughter, last year last year of any other [50% of his/. | of iricome? |support for. maintaininga:-, parent, (ves/no) person? herown ' |(yes,no,n/a) this person?: i home for this. none, efc) {ves/no) supportz . Y{yes/no/n/a) person?;ii (@) (b) (e} (d) (e) @ (@) (h) [0} i {yes;no,n/a} | s {yésio) Chiris & Christina Blanchard 9/18/2011 |Children 12 Yes Yes S No No : T e Corrine Clark 11/7/1980 |Sister 9 Yes Yes S No No Dennis Dunbar 06/04/1979 |Sister's BF 9 Yes Yes S No No D ad ADCAA S —~
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