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Oct 19, 2023
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Short Paper - Budgeting Acc 325 Accounting for Nonprofit Orgs September 24, 2023 Professor S. Hiotellis Budgeting can be a very time-consuming endeavor that must be completed for every organization. The budget for a nonprofit organization gives structure and substance to its plans.
It also plays a key role in prioritizing activities and fulfilling their mission. Additionally, it helps you focus on goals, - both short and long-term, keeps donors informed, and keeps the board members happy. (The Ultimate Guide to Nonprofit Budgeting) Budgeting can take many forms and steps in the budgeting process. The budget should reflect the organization's programs, mission, and strategic plan. The budgeting process should take approximately three months to complete and should be approved before the beginning of the new year. There are 10 steps in creating the budget. - Determine the timeline o Ensure there is time to review and discuss each step o Approve the budget before the beginning of the new year - Agree on Goals o Set program delivery goals o Set financial goals o Clarify annual goals from the strategic plan - Recognize current financial status o Review current income/expense and compare to budget o Make forecast to the end of year o Analyze all variances - Agree on a budget approach o Assign roles and responsibilities and the authority to make decisions o What amount of uncertainty can be included in the budget - Draft and Expense Budget o What are the costs to reach program goals o What is the cost to reach organizational & and strategic goals - Draft Income Budget o Project fundraising and revenue activities o Project new income based on those fundraising and revenue activities (Accounting for Governmental & Nonprofit Entities. P 508) - Review Draft Budgets o Does the drafts meet the goals o Review assumptions and make adjustments according to goals, income and expenses o Review final draft - Approve Budget o Present to committees if needed o Present to the board for approval - Document Budget Decision
o Create a file consolidated budget spreadsheet o Note all assumptions - Implement Budget o Assign responsibilities o Incorporate into the accounting system o Monitor and make changes as needed. When creating a budget, there are several important factors to consider. What are the organization's goals, estimate the income needed for the budget period, what are your expenses, and determine the surplus/deficit of the budget. Of the three considerations, income and expense are the most important in regards to budgeting. Reflecting on the income and expenses for the budget, you must examine what it will take to operate the organization, what types of fundraising will be performed and what are the expectations of donations. Will there be enough income to cover expenses? After that is determined, what types of expenses do we expect to incur? Will the expenses be the same as the prior year or are there other ones to consider? The individuals who are responsible for creating the budget include the senior management, the finance team, and the budget managers for the organization (CFO, Controllers, and Accountants). The budget managers oversee budget planning and processes, review individual / team budgets, allocate funds to different projects and functions, analyze budget spending, and optimize budgets based on that data. (The budgeting process for smart, modern companies) The finance committee verifies there are sufficient resources available to meet the financial obligations of the organization and the senior management ensures the budget is in alignment with the goals and the mission statement of the organization as well as confirming the budget is being followed as noted.
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