Meaningful Use 190 Worksheet

Meaningful Use 190 Worksheet Student _BQQQ_\SQ_L%___ Date IO/ KI/ 73 Students should look at their past HESI Exam results and identify specifics relating to the questions below. This should be turned in at the beginning of class with a copy of their results and the concepts maps at the beginning of week 2 class. 1. What specific area(s) on all your HESI results remain to be of concern for you? What is your plan to improve your knowledge and application in the specific identified area(s)? Be specific, do not just state studv Heakin F°\~°a- and \lead\ (umain One lowor Scored- T Wt\\ (\wre o Kaovpih NNM' ad e ay GXA TR a»ouk— \n Ao Yassowm, (e, oy Gink . TN, mfiummofim and taSwe ety axe avo (ow Scorey. BlASe T awn o wsval oo B> will See ynoce Videss anld toxa «mwflw&& &k hand ts o (3 (\N\&% o me"'fiin&. S 2. What specific NCLEX categories/subcategories remain to be of concern for you? What specifically in that area (please refer to specific NCLEX statements under that particular NCLEX category/subcategory) are you concerned about relating to knowledge and application? So&ef\a( and nrethion Contro;spealea &evqtmhvg latenss ok lneatth (ave @v v O C\\U\\- Macoloa\ \co\ _\M.gx S w%\&a\*' W{'"\M'\a (odenfationg A e i Jihon o 1 nhay; cant N VUnQuAtve® ang mo\&ht\% \if"e and .L&\? vesolfs. 3. Take your lowest scoring sections and pick 5 areas that you scored below a 900 on and complete the NCLEX Concept Map for each of them (total of 5 concept maps) Updated 5/1/2023 JB
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