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MOS 330
Oct 22, 2023
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COMPUTERIZED ACCOUNTING --- IMPORTANT QUESTIONS UNIT = I: INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTERIZED ACCONTING 1) What is Computerized Accounting? Explain the Advantages and limitations of computerized Accounting? 2) Explain the Differences between Computerized Accounting and Manual Accounting. 3) Explain Accounting features in Tally. 4) Explain Accounting Vouchers in Tally. 5) Explain Groups classification chart. 6) Explain about various Reports available in Tally. 7) How to Create a company in Tally. 8) Explain about company info Menu. (Create, Alter, Select, Shut company) 9) Explain about Gateway of Tally. 10) What s the need of Computerized Accounting. 11) What are the steps in Manual Accounting cycle? 12) What are the steps in Computerized Accounting? UNIT ~ 1l: ACOUNTING WITH _INVENTORY 1) Whatis Inventory Info Menu? Explain about Inventory Info Menu. 2) Explain about Inventory Vouchers available in Tally? 3) Write about Inventory features in Tally? 4) Explain various Inventory Reports available in Tally? 5) What is Units of Measure? 6) How to create Stock Items? 7) What is Purchase Order? 8) What is Sales Order? 9) How to enable, Create Godowns and Stock categories in Tally? Department of Commerce - NSV Degree Colleges , JAGTIAL
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