Audit consultancy information

Preparatory Activities and Records: In preparation for the upcoming food safety audit, we will conduct the following activities and prepare the following records: Review of Food Safety Program: We will thoroughly review our food safety program to ensure it aligns with regulatory requirements and is up-to-date with any changes. Documented Procedures: We will ensure that all food safety procedures are well-documented, including the critical control points, support programs, and compliance records. Training Records: We will organize and review the training records of all staff, ensuring that they have received appropriate food safety training and certification. Temperature Logs: Temperature logs for refrigeration, cooking, and storage will be prepared and reviewed to verify that the correct temperatures have been consistently maintained. Pest Control Records: We will ensure that all pest control records are up-to-date, indicating regular inspections and any actions taken to address issues. Cleaning and Sanitizing Records: The records of cleaning and sanitizing activities will be checked to confirm that they have been carried out according to the program. Audit Consultancy Information: The details of the selected auditor or food safety consultant will be maintained for future reference.
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