Ravichandran Sumathi Ashmita

Internship Description Short Paper 1 Internship Description Short Paper Ravichandran Sumathi Ashmita Saint Francis College Major: Information Technology Services Administration and Management 21 st October 2023
Internship Description Short Paper 2 Internship Description Short Paper Organization details Organization Name: PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) Physical address: 300 Madison Avenue in New York City Description of the Organization PwC is known for its commitment to delivering quality in Assurance, Tax, and Advisory services. The firm plays a crucial role in helping clients create value and achieve their goals through its expertise and extensive experience. PwC is recognized for its global reach and impact in the professional services industry. Title Tax Associate My responsibilities within the organization During my tenure at PwC, my role has involved engaging in corporate tax-related tasks and responsibilities. These include tasks related to tax provision calculation, acquisition of Swiss Target, Swiss Reorganization, International Reorganization, and addressing Base Erosion and Profit Shifting Considerations. These responsibilities are closely tied to my current coursework in accounting at St. Francis University. My academic knowledge is applied practically in real- world scenarios, where I use accounting principles to contribute to the organization's success and the value it provides to clients.
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