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Nov 6, 2023
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Name :Salma Amorita 'Azzah ID :215020507111020 Question about Audit Documentation (Working Papers) and Reporting 1. What is the purpose of audit documentation (working papers), and how does it support the audit process? 2. What guidelines and standards dictate the retention and archiving of audit documentation, and what factors influence the retention period? 3. How do auditors use cross-references within working papers to ensure the consistency and accuracy of their audit documentation? 4. How do auditors determine the appropriate form of the auditor's report, such as an unqualified opinion, a qualified opinion, or an adverse opinion, and what are the key factors that influence this determination? 5. Can you explain the components of the auditor's report, including the introductory paragraph, scope paragraph, and opinion paragraph, and their specific roles in communicating audit findings? 6. In the case of an audit of a public company, what additional reporting requirements or disclosures must auditors adhere to, and how does this differ from audits of private companies?
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