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Nov 5, 2023
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My assessor has discussed the adjustments with me Student to complete Assessment Tasks and Instructions Student Name Isabela Martins Student Number 1438 Course and Code Unit(s) of Competency and Code(s) SITXFIN001 Process financial transactions Stream/Cluster Trainer/Assessor Grahame Assessment for this Unit of Competency/Cluster Details Assessment 1 Short Answer Questions Assessment 2 Observations Assessment 3 Assessment conducted in this instance: Assessment 1 2 3 Reasonable Adjustment 1. Has reasonable adjustment been applied to this assessment? No No further information required Yes Complete 2. 2. Provide details for the requirements and provisions for adjustment of assessment: SIT Version 1 ©Futura Group 2016 1 of 14
I agree to the adjustments applied to this assessment Signature Isabela Martins Date I agree the adjustments applied to this assessment are reasonable Name Signature Date Assessment Guidelines tasks outlined in the The purpose of this assessment is to assess you underpinning knowledge to complete the What will be assessed 2 nd Assessor to complete
ects: isations: elements and performance criteria for this unit of competency and relating to the following asp types of financial transactions that commonly take place in tourism, travel, hospitality and event organ o advance payments o application of goods and services tax (GST) o payments: cash cheque credit card electronic funds transfer at point of sale (EFTPOS) o deposits o foreign currency o petty cash disbursements o refunds o traveller's cheques o vouchers procedures for processing and recording different types of transactions: o completing reconciliation records o complying with financial institution documents and procedures o designated times for completing reconciliations o handling customer claims of short change o how and where large sums of cash should be counted o maintaining low levels of cash in tills o managing petty cash o process for providing receipts and invoices to customers o process for taking cash from customers o securing credit card imprints o securing takings in the event of a hold-up features and functions of point-of-sale software role and importance of the reconciliation process to organisational financial management system security procedures for transporting and securing cash floats, cash and other payments: o obtaining receipts or sign-off for takings handed over to financial personnel o separating and securing cash floats o transporting takings to back office areas and internal cashiers o transporting takings to the bank and obtaining receipts or sign-off different products and services that attract GST. Place/Location where assessment will be conducted RTO to complete
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