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c) G8 d) OPEC 5. Who is the philosopher known for his existentialist philosophy and works like "Being and Time"? a) Jean-Paul Sartre b) Albert Camus c) Friedrich Nietzsche d) Martin Heidegger 6. Which civilization built the Great Wall of China as fortification over centuries, much of it during the Ming Dynasty? a) Mongols b) Hans c) Tang d) Qin 7. What is the term for the total income a company earns before deducting expenses, taxes, and interest? a) Gross profit b) Net profit c) Operating profit d) Revenue 8. How does radiometric dating like carbon-14 dating work and why are these techniques important? a) Measure radioactive decay to estimate ages - key to establishing geologic and archeological timelines. b) Guess ages based on fossil stratification and chemistry.
c) Compare absorption spectra to spectral databases to classify materials. d) Rely on written historical records and tree ring patterns. 9. How can following ITIL practices optimize IT service management processes? a) Incident, problem, change, release, availability management - improve quality of service. b) ITIL framework is outdated, Agile methods are superior. c) Useful for documentation but provides limited tangible value. d) ITIL and ITSM are interchangeable terms referring to the same practices. 10. What is the term for a network security device that monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic and can block or allow data packets based on a set of security rules? a) Firewall b) Router c) Hub d) Modem
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