Let you vanish into thin air, I can't exist without you, it's just us now, now you're one #SweetWhoAmI THIS is scariest soap opera ever. 6. 'Victorious' Season 2 A Parisian high school girl is given the chance to liveStory of killer! I can't hear your voices, I can't recall your names, I can't tell you to leave so that you'll remember that you're dead! I can't see everything you're seeing, I can't hold your every breath, I can't. 1. What accounting method records revenue when it is earned and expenses when they are incurred, rather than when the cash is received or paid? a) Cash basis accounting b) Accrual basis accounting c) Double-entry accounting d) FIFO accounting 2. Which traditional Japanese theater form combines singing, dancing, and acting and is known for its elaborate makeup and costumes? a) Noh b) Kabuki c) Bunraku d) Kyogen 3. What is the term for the distance that light travels in one year in a vacuum, often used to measure astronomical distances? a) Light-minute b) Light-second c) Light-year d) Light-day 4. What is the difference between a developed economy versus an emerging economy in business? a) Developed economies have more advanced technology while emerging economies are
growing fast b) Developed economies are slow growing while emerging economies are stagnant c) There is no difference d) Developed economies are emerging while emerging economies are developed 5. Which country's currency is represented by the symbol JPY in Forex trading? a) Japan b) Germany c) United Kingdom d) Switzerland 6. What is the primary purpose of the "break" statement in a loop in most programming languages? a) To terminate the program b) To skip the current iteration of the loop and continue with the next c) To exit the loop and continue with the code after the loop d) To restart the loop from the beginning 7. What are some best practices to follow for unit testing frameworks like JUnit or TestNG? a) Independent tests, avoidance of test order dependence, sufficient assertions, correct fixture setup/teardown. b) Code coverage metrics, integration with CI/CD tools, mocking databases calls. c) Minimal assertions to reduce brittleness, test optimization for speed. d) Maximize unit test lines of code, abstract test cases for reusability. 8. Which blockchain consensus mechanism, commonly used in Web 3, selects validators to create new blocks based on the amount of cryptocurrency they hold and are willing to "stake"? a) Proof of Work (PoW)
b) Proof of Authority (PoA) c) Proof of Stake (PoS) d) Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) 9. How can following change management best practices minimize risks from technology changes? a) Communication, testing, roll back plans, phased roll outs - minimize business disruption. b) Change freezes to stabilize production. c) Changes involve minimal risk and require little oversight. d) Change management provides few measurable benefits. 10. The annual Diwali festival, known as the Festival of Lights, is primarily associated with which religious tradition? a) Buddhism b) Hinduism c) Islam d) Sikhism
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