ACC 550- 6-2 question 2 part 3

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ACC 550
Nov 5, 2023
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Triton Inc. makes two styles of trophies, basic and deluxe, and operates at capacity. Triton does large custom orders. Triton budgets to produce 10,000 basic trophies and 5,000 deluxe trophies. Manufacturing takes place in two production departments: forming and assembly. In the forming department, indirect manufacturing costs are accumulated in two cost pools, set up and general overhead. In the assembly department, all indirect manufacturing costs are accumulated in one general overhead cost pool. The basic trophies are formed in batches of 200 units per batch but because of the more intricate detail of the deluxe trophies, they are formed in batches of 50 units per batch. B (Click the icon to view budgeted information.) Read the requirements. Forming $ 23,760 - 44,000 $ 054 per DL $ - Assembly % 27,900 - 31,000 = $ 090 per DL $ Now calculate the budgeted cost of basic and deluxe trophies if Triton allocates overhead costs in each department using activity-based costing. (Round your answers to the nearest whole dollar.) Basic Deluxe Total Direct materials $ 97,200 $ 108,000 $ 205,200 Direct manufacturing labor 45,600 29,400 75,000 Total direct cost 142,800 137,400 280,200 Allocated overhead: Forming department Setup 29,480 58,960 88,440 General overhead 16,470 7,290 23,760 Assembly department General overhead 13,590 14,310 27,900 $ 202340 $ 217960 $ 420,300 Total costs Finally, calculate unit cost for the basic and deluxe trophies. (Round your final answer to the nearest cent, $X.XX) Basic Deluxe Total es Get more help « CSimilar question)
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