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a) Search Engine Optimization b) Sales Enhancement Online c) Social Engagement Outreach d) Sales Efficiency Optimization 5. In Forex trading, what is the term for the minimum price movement of a currency pair, typically the fourth decimal place in most currency pairs? a) Pip b) Margin c) Spread d) Leverage 6. Which civilization built the Great Wall of China as fortification over centuries, much of it during the Ming Dynasty? a) Mongols b) Hans c) Tang d) Qin 7. In finance, what does the acronym "IRR" stand for? a) Interest Rate Return b) Internal Rate of Return c) Investment Risk Reduction d) Interest Rate Reduction 8. What is the term for the practice of using blockchain technology to create unique digital assets, representing ownership of a digital or physical item? a) Cryptocurrency b) NFT (Non-Fungible Token)
c) ICO (Initial Coin Offering) d) DEX (Decentralized Exchange) 9. Which statement is true regarding Python's Global Interpreter Lock (GIL)? a) It allows multiple threads to execute in parallel. b) It prevents multiple threads from executing Python code concurrently. c) It is a mechanism for global variable locking. d) It is a feature specific to Jython. 10. Which risk management framework is commonly used in information security to assess and manage risks to an organization's data and systems? a) ISO 9001 b) Six Sigma c) COBIT d) ITIL
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