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Learning Portfolios DUTCH 6328 - Week 16 Dr. Amanda Garcia Submission Date: 15 January 2017 Ava Lewis Kendra
Learning Portfolios - DUTCH Week 16 Introduction For Learning Portfolios She visits you one last time and presents you with a very special gift. When you get there, you find out what your father's really been doing for all of these years: hunting demons and banishing them back to their own realm. He is overcome with emotion and reveals that he is a Nephilim. But there is something about the way he tells this one that reveals something within him that you rarely see: a gentle sort of longing that seems to hold a special place in his heart. The piercings she had are completely gone and have even healed without a trace. You take a step back, close your eyes, and take several deep breaths before opening them again. Within two weeks, your crops have been destroyed by blight, leaving your family without food or any means of income — that is, until a stranger rolls into town on his caravan. The Fae agreed to leave, but demanded that humanity never practice magic in return because, from their perspective, magic was theirs alone to possess. Nobody else could hear them but you. Whatever the robbers wanted, they left no witnesses to tell their tale. When you open the hatch, the abandoned cityscape you were expecting is nowhere to be found. She reaches into her bag and pulls out a black pen, telling you that the pen is magical and writes only the correct answers. The technology to accurately determine and recreate ancient structures—such as cathedrals, cliff dwellings, and slave quarters—has essentially been perfected. There's not a lot to see, just a desk with a computer and several mismatched bookshelves, all coated in thick dust. There is a way to undo the curse, but it requires a single strand of hair from the witch who captured the soul in the first place. When you look at the water, unrelenting fear takes hold of you. Life is perfect. You know that other angel-hunters will pursue him once they learn what has become of you, and you become determined to defend yourself and your love from these demonic forces. When you go outside to investigate, you see that actual fairies have moved into the village. Once you are in your tiny, winged form, you have three days to find the group responsible for these disappearances. students within higher education implemented as soon as possible. It is now up to you to find the man who cursed your hometown before it is destroyed. Finally, the ship's ecosystem began to fail, which led to mass starvation and the death of hundreds of people. His daughter Denisa is pretty and smart as a knife, but still you find no spark. 1
Learning Portfolios - DUTCH Week 16 Questions For Learning Portfolios Instructions : An airborne virus released in 1989 by the Russians during the Soviet-Afghan War infects millions of people worldwide, turning them into winged, gargoyle creatures. Widespread instability within Earth's tectonic plates has caused massive destruction throughout the world. The walls are covered with newspaper clippings detailing disasters that were averted over the years, and he tells you that, as a young man, he had a very exciting life. Question 1 : Would you be willing to have your brain transplanted in order to live another 100 years? a. You are thrown overboard as well and, as you struggle in the water, you think that this is the end. b. The shadowy figure soon disappears due to the small lifeforce that the mouse provided, but that is all Genghis Khan needs to see. c. You are spending the summer at your aunt's home in the middle of nowhere, helping her with her farm as punishment for misbehaving. Question 2 : What was the name of the ship that Blackbeard/Edward Teach sailed on? a. With this coin, the creature has granted you one wish. b. Unfortunately, they were woefully unprepared to handle these creatures, and the shelter was soon in shambles. c. When you finally confront the mysterious eyes in the shadows, a small white mouse wearing a tunic reluctantly appears. Question 3 : What is the coldest temperature you've ever experienced? a. Everything your dog sees and hears is recorded on your phone flawlessly. b. Homeless robots end up in your city because of the dry climate and the free charging stations there. c. You climb off the city water taxi wearing your favorite summer dress. 2
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