ACC185 Answers 1 John Fury - [email protected] October 29, 2023 Collaborators: Mick Ronald By turning in this assignment, I agree by the university honor code and declare that all of this is my own work. Essay for Context The Harvey Mountain Quarry near Bonners Ferry, Idaho, United States, is a prehistoric stone quarry. As an archeological site it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978. Mikhaila "Coco" Rocha is a Canadian model. She is known as one of the first "digital" supermodels, and is known for her advocacy for younger models. As an author, she collaborated on the 2014 book Study of Pose. Rocha is also the founder of the Coco Rocha Model Camp and co-owner of the Nomad Management Modeling Agency. Vtor Gialorenco Huvos commonly known as Vtor Huvos is a retired Brazilian footballer. Vicen Pags i Jord was a Catalan writer and literary critic. He was also a language and aesthetics professor at the Ramon Llull University. He published a dozen books, including novels, story collections, and essays. Among his many awards are the 1999 Documenta, the 2003 Sant Joan, the 2009 Crexells, the 2013 sant Jordi, and the 2014 Catalan National Cultural Prize. Sirene also known as "white brine sirene" is a type of brined cheese originating from Bulgaria also common in the area of the Balkans. It is made of the milk of goats, sheep, cows, buffalo or a mixture of these. It is slightly crumbly, with at least 4648% of dry matter containing 4448% of fat. It is commonly produced in blocks, and has a slightly grainy texture. It is used as a table cheese, in salads, and in baking. Desmalopex is a genus of megabats in the family Pteropodidae. It has historically been included in the genus Pteropus and occurs only in the Philippines. Sara Gurpal is a Punjabi actress, model and singer. She is best known for her films like Manje Bistre, Shava Ni Girdhari Lal and Danger Doctor Jelly. She participated in the reality show Bigg Boss 14. She was nominated for Best Actor In Supporting Role in Filmfare Awards. The FC Ingolstadt 04 II is a German association football club from the city of Ingolstadt, Bavaria. It is the reserve team of FC Ingolstadt. The Shoppach House is a historic house at 508 North Main Street in Benton, Arkansas. Its front section is a brick structure, 1+12 stories in height, from which a single-story wood-frame ell extends to the rear. The house was built in 1852 by John Shoppach, and was the first brick house in Saline 1
County. Shoppach's original plan called for the brick section to be organized similar to a typical dogtrot, with a central breezeway flanked by two rooms. The house was occupied by five generations of the Shoppach family. Detroit (dtt) is a town in Red River County, Texas, United States. The population was 704 at the 2020 census. Questions 1. When was the Harvey Mountain Quarry listed on the National Register of Historic Places? A. 1978 B. 1982 C. 1990 D. 2005 2. What is Mikhaila 'Coco' Rocha known for? A. Being a Canadian model B. Being one of the first 'digital' supermodels C. Advocacy for younger models D. All of the above 3. What is the common name of Vtor Gialorenco Huvos? A. Vtor Gialorenco Huvos B. Vtor Huvos C. Brazilian Footballer D. Retired Footballer 4. Which university did Vicen Pags i Jord teach at? A. Ramon Llull University B. University of Barcelona C. Autonomous University of Barcelona D. University of Girona 5. What is Sirene cheese primarily made from? A. Goat milk B. Sheep milk C. Cow milk D. Buffalo milk 6. Desmalopex belongs to which family? A. Pteropodidae B. Canidae C. Felidae 2
D. Mustelidae 7. Which reality show did Sara Gurpal participate in? A. Dancing with the Stars B. Bigg Boss 14 C. The Voice D. America's Got Talent 8. Which city is FC Ingolstadt 04 II based in? A. Munich B. Berlin C. Hamburg D. Ingolstadt 9. When was the Shoppach House built? A. 1802 B. 1852 C. 1902 D. 1952 10. Where is Detroit located? A. Red River County, Texas B. Detroit, Michigan C. New York City, New York D. Los Angeles, California 3
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