(O D. 25,000 X 2. Compute for total noncurrent liabilities. 202 The ledger of YENG Co. as of December 31, 2021 includes the following: Liabilities: Bank overdraft Trade accounts payable (net of P5,000 debit balance in accounts) Notes payable (due in 20- semi-annual payments of P2,000) Interest payable Bonds payable (due in March 31, 2022) Discount on bond payable Dividends payable Share dividends payable Deferred tax liability (expected to be reversed in 2022) Income tax payable Contingent liability Reserve for contingencies Total (O A 46,000 B.79,000 (O c.64,000 (O D. 25,000 Correct answer ® A 46,000 v 3. Compute for total current asset. 5,000 20,000 40,000 15,000 35,000 (15,000) 5,000 6,000 18,000 *2/2
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