IQA Spring 2023 HW M1.2

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Nov 4, 2023
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Module 1 Homework 2 - Introduction to Quality Assurance Spring 2023 Homework 2 to be turned into the HW M1.2 Assignment file in Brightspace You may use this Word Document to do and turn in your homework. Look at "Example Quality Manual Mythical Airlines" in Brightspace Course Materials Content Module 1 and identify which section covers the six mandatory procedures and write one or two sentences for each telling how Mythical Airlines meets the requirement. 1. Control of Documents In QP 4230, Control of documents ensures that the issues of documents and data that are related to quality management system are measured. This procedure also extends to external documents maintained by Mythical Airlines. 2. Control of Records In QP 4240, Mythical True Value Metrology maintains quality records to ensure conformance to standards. This process ensures that all quality documents are legible and retained in a readily available manner. 3. Internal Audit In section 8.2.2, Mythical Airlines does periodic audits in order to determine if the departments QMS conforms to the required standard and is effectively being maintained and implemented. 4. Corrective Action In QP 8520, Mythical Airlines takes corrective action after identifying nonconformities, determining the causes, needs for action and then reviewing the implemented actions. 5. Preventive Action In QP 8530 the preventive action section on page, Mythical Airlines identified non- conforming actions and their causes, takes the appropriate action and then records the actions. 6. Control of Non-Conforming Products This is covered for in the control for non-conforming product in page 34. Mythical Airlines ensures that any service that does not meet requirements is identified and controlled so that the customer does not experience it.
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