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which if the following would an agent be guilty of for misrepresenting the amount of dividends a policy will pay? - ✔✔ a misdemeanor what rule is used to determine the importance of a representation? - ✔✔ the materiality of concealment which of the following is a hazard? - ✔✔ a condition that. may increase the likelihood of a loss occurring when are parties to a contract REQUIRED to communicate information solely based on personal judgment for a matter in question? - ✔✔ never according to the California Insurance Code, if an insurer's certificate of authority is revoked, the Commissioner can proceed with any of the following actions EXCEPT - ✔✔ using Guarantee Funds to pay salaries Section 1792.2 of the California Insurance Code requires producer applications and licensees to notify the Insurance Commissioner is writing, within __ days of charges in background information after an application had been submitted or a license has been issued. - ✔✔ 30 The insurer's department with PRIMARY responsibility for the risk selection process is called: - ✔✔ underwriting A person owns a life annuity. He elects to receive his annuity payment monthly for the remainder of his life with "ten years certain". The annuity will make payments - ✔✔ for a minimum of 120 months and a maximum of the remainder of his life. All of the following information is gathered during the personal financial planning process EXCEPT - ✔✔ a listing of a person's civic and professional organization memberships Which policy provision allows an insured to continue coverage under a previously lapsed policy? - ✔✔ the reinstatement provision
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