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AS authorized by the California Insurance Code, the Insurance Commissioner. has provided standards which, if any, of the following are automatically acceptable for Mary Brown, a holder of the ClU designation ? - ✔✔ Mary Brown Insurance Services A contract of indemnity is one in which - ✔✔ one party is restored to the same financial position the party was in before the loss occurred In insurance terminology, "indernity" means - ✔✔ make whole As defined in the California insurance Code, "insurance" is a - ✔✔ contract What would a person be guilty of who refuses to deliver any books, records, or assets to the commissioner once a seizure has been executed? - ✔✔ A misdemeanor An agent who is acting as an insurance agent, broker, solicitor, life agent, accident and health, bail agent acts in which capacity when handing premiums or return premiums for an insured? - ✔✔ Fiduciary Which of the following statements regarding risk is TRUE? - ✔✔ Only pure risks are insurable The purchase of an insurance policy may accomplish all of the following for the insured EXCEPT - ✔✔ the elimination of risk Insureds are entitled to recover an amount NOT greater than the amount of their loss under the principle of - ✔✔ indemnity What rule is used to determine the importance of a representation? - ✔✔ The materiality of concealment The required contents of a policy included all of the following EXCEPT - ✔✔ the probability of loss
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