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Learning Compendiums SWEDISH 7737 - Week 3 Professor Catherine Carter Submission Date: 26 May 2010 Emma Edwards Malaysia
Learning Compendiums - SWEDISH Week 3 Introduction For Learning Compendiums You sing, you dance, and you roast the royals without consequence. "What is that in your hand, Detective?" the police officer asks. As you enter your father's boardroom, you and your two siblings sit down as your father begins to speak. Eventually you form a roving gang of ex-princesses and pillage the kingdoms that trapped you. After you regain control and assess the damage, you learn that the ship's engines are unable to achieve light speed and you cannot contact the rest of the fleet. However, after further rumination, you slowly come to the conclusion that this news seems oddly familiar. There was another sell-off yesterday, but you are confident that the worst is behind you. However, you are entirely unaware of the creatures you will find beneath the water's surface. They appear for a second or two, too blurry to discern any distinct features. Leaving your home, you travel to your office on Wall Street, where you work as one of the most successful brokers in the country. You are the only one in the store, and hardly anyone sets foot in the place after 11 pm. When you sit up, you come face to face with the cutest boy you have ever seen. People regularly participate in brutal gladiator games for entertainment and take drugs to escape their reality. The piercings she had are completely gone and have even healed without a trace. You are a necromantic conjurer who can turn the dead into whatever you wish, including soldiers. You desperately wish you could do more than watch, but you can only sit there, an observer, as if watching through a dream. You pick up the pipe and slowly sneak up behind the witch. You are reading history that has yet to be written when a group of men break into your store, hunting for the book. He is excited to have found you, repeating over and over again that his vision was right. You prefer to spend time alone in the forest, which is where you discover that you can run like the wind, lift rocks as big as yourself, and throw them further than the eye can see. You and your neighbor have been at odds for years over the state of his front yard. You listen in as your group sets up camp for the night. However, the villagers have been corrupted as well, with their skin covered in weeping lesions and their minds twisted. Now in your late 20s, you lead a normal life while your family is off fighting criminals around the world. 1
Learning Compendiums - SWEDISH Week 3 Questions For Learning Compendiums Instructions : Good luck!" Until the night of the full moon, that is. As people run for the exits and alarms ring throughout the facility, you smile, knowing that your spell has worked. Question 1 : What present trend do you hope will continue indefinitely? a. It's up to you and your classmate to follow the clues he left behind, and in time, to find him as well. b. Before you can reply, your mother's scream rips through the night. c. The ronin collapses on the ground, clutching his neck as he bleeds out and dies. Question 2 : In which year did the U.S. Does the Supreme Court recognise same-sex marriage? 2015. a. You know you're not a god yourself, but you feel your own power grow in their presence. b. In the near future, genetically-modified locusts who have been designed to swarm continuously escape a laboratory and ravage farmlands across the Earth. c. As you pass by the old house, you hear a faint sound of what seems to be chanting. Question 3 : How many minutes, hours, or days does it typically take for the sun's light to reach Earth? a. The book is still there, and it's still glowing. b. You look around panicked. c. He's a couple of years above you, so you don't see him the rest of the day, but for the remainder of the week, you see him every day at lunch as the two of you sit under the tree. 2
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