Unit 15

CACHE Level 3 Early Years Educator Session Record and Reflective Journal Student No. Student Name Unit No/ Title Unit 15 Question No Content and summary of activity: (You may complete in word or by hand) Complete below with specific evidence to link your session to the unit learning outcome and assessment criteria (Please continue on next page if necessary) Reflective practice and points of action: Date: D D / M M / Y Y Worksheet No.
How did the activity go overall? What went particularly well? What went not so well? What would you do differently next time? What feedback or actions did your mentor give or suggest to you? Remember that this should be a valuable reflective practice , and demonstrate that you can identify areas for your own development, as well as improvements that have already been made in your performance. This should be completed in every instance and you should provide approx.175 words. You must ensure that this is signed by your mentor / supervisor and uploaded to the portfolio system. Supervisor's Signature Date: D D / M M / Y Y Remember that you may support this with additional records, photographs and plans where appropriate. All can be uploaded to the portfolio system via the 'optional evidence upload' button.
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