The order that was cancelled

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Oct 31, 2023
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The order that was cancelled. The order has been cancelled by the vendor due to an inventory mistake or other unspecified reasons. The automated updating of stock levels is contingent upon the configuration of your inventory settings. In the event of a cancellation of a purchase, a reimbursement for the order will not be issued. This condition is activated automatically when an order, which was initiated using a payment gateway that only authorizes transactions, is cancelled via the control panel before the money for the transaction is collected. The subject under consideration is an order that has seen a decrease in its overall magnitude or significance. The vendor has expressed their refusal to complete the requested transaction. The vendor has used the "Refund" function specifically intended for this purpose to reimburse the whole order. Twelfth. An order that raises doubts. The consumer has initiated the procedure of challenging the validity of the PayPal transaction used for the purchase, or alternatively, the seller has flagged the order as potentially fraudulent. 13. Manual Verification It is necessary. Please put the purchase on hold while we do a manual validation of some elements, such as the tax- exempt papers. In the present situation, it is necessary to do manual updates on the information pertaining to orders. When an order is classified as necessitating human verification, the status of the order will not undergo automated updates upon the receipt of payment or any other order-related activity. The refund was issued in a partial sum. A partial refund has been granted by the vendor for a portion of the order. Certain order statuses are automatically assigned when a certain control panel activity is executed, while others need manual assignment. For example, when items are sent, the status of an order will be immediately updated to "sent". However, it is necessary to manually update the status of an order to either "Cancelled" or "Declined".
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