12 Angry Men Review Questions Act 1

12 Angry Men Review Questions: Act 1 Directions : Answer the following questions in complete sentences. 1. Who is the defendant in this trial? The defendant in this trial is a 16-year-old boy. 2. Of what crime is this defendant accused? The crime that the defendant is accused of is murdering/stabbing his father. 3. What specific instructions does the judge give the jury? The specific instruction that the judge gives to the jury is to discuss the facts and if there is any reasonable doubt then you must declare him not guilty. The verdict must be unanimous. 4. How does the "time of day" and environment of the jury room affect how the jury feels? The environment affects the jury because they are in a hot tiny room which it must make them feel down or very bland. 5. Why is juror #7 in such a hurry to leave? Juror #7 is in such a hurry to leave because he has tickets to a Yankees game. 6. What is the result of the first vote? The results of the first vote 11 guilty 1 not guilty 7. Which juror is the least sure of his vote? The least sure of his vote was Juror number 9. 8. What explanation does juror #8 give for his vote? He wanted to make sure to have all the facts and evidence were considered correctly. 9. How do jurors #3, #7, and #10 feel about the explanation given by #8? They disagreed because they thought it was a waste of time. They were already annoyed because it was hot. 10. When they discuss the case, what evidence do the following jurors bring up? #3- He mentions the witnesses. #6- He says that the boy is always in trouble and he talked about the argument with the son and said how the boy shouted "i'll kill you" #10- He mentions how the boy is one of them
11. What are the prejudices of the following jurors? #3- The juror does not like kids #4- There was Nothing. #7- The juror is stubborn 12. How does juror #5 react to their prejudices? He is from the "slum" and was living there his whole life. 13. Describe the defendant's testimony about the knife in several sentences. The boy said that he bought the knife very similar to the day of the murder but that he lost it. 14. Why is the knife so important? It is a murder weapon.
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